Roman steps

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Luxury Heated Indoor Swimming Pool
Digitally controlled for a constant temperature of
32C, Longburgh Pool is probably the warmest pool in Cumbria which makes it a very pleasant experience for everyone. It is especially suitable for young children, pensioners, those convalescing after illness and non swimmers.*see below

Roman Steps
The walk in steps make access easier for less able swimmers, the young and the elderly.

Private and secluded
Longburgh Pool is completely secluded, the French windows at the back of the pool overlook open fields which are grazed by our horses, views extend across the Solway estuary. When you hire the pool you have it completely to yourself - you chose your companions.

35 x 14 feet
Longburgh Pool is big enough for the serious swimmer to swim lengths.

Full Hour Swimming Time
When you hire Longburgh Pool, you have your full hour in the water because we have two changing rooms, which we alternate. Groups using the pool before and after you will use the other changing room. You can arrive 5 or 10 minutes before you are due to swim, go into the water on the hour and vacate the pool in time for the group after you to enter the water for their hour. Both changing rooms have a shower and hairdryer.

Automated Chemical System
For the comfort and safety of our swimmers, all water measuring, regulating and monitoring tasks are done automatically by a state of the art Analyt 3 microprocessor system.
Pool water chemistry is monitored and adjusted constantly 24 hours a day for superior water quality.
The Analyt system is backed up by our ten years experience of pool water chemistry.

Easy to Book
For availability, see the booking charts. Bookings can be made by email or phone - see contact us.

*For safety reasons one of your party must be a fit & competent swimmer - see Rules & Conditions